This was a beautiful mid-summer, 80’s themed party held on the water, complete with an 80’s tribute band.

Tell Your Story. Here’s Mine:


Once Upon a Time…

Far, Far way in the land called the internet, I was an original old school blogger with a large following on the web. Then Facebook came along and everyone started to play on their social media playground. As bloggers, we thought this was cool, another way to reach more people. So we thought.

This happened over and over again. A new network came out and we would start publishing on that new network to gain more “Fans”. Like’s, Follows, Subscribes… it was all impossible to keep up with. There was too much noise now on the internet and too many distractions!

Eventually, us old school bloggers realized that we were losing our readers to the “Socials” so us old school bloggers went back to just developing our relationships with our website readers. Meanwhile, Facebook started charging us to reach our fans to the tune of Hundred’s or even Thousand’s of dollars so we went right back to reaching our fans through email, RSS feeds and the occasional social media posting.


Build the Right Networks

As Marketers, we made the early mistake of building our marketing lists on other networks like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, etc, etc, etc…

We were also bombarded with local community social media networks like Yelp, YellowPages, and Foursquare…

It’s now back to basics. Building your marketing list that can be downloaded onto an old school spreadsheet is now back in style. Snatching customers from the jaws of Facebook, Instagram, Google et all, and getting them hooked on subscribing to your email list is imperative.


You Do Not Want Your Business to be Addicted to the Socials!

There are many websites that have been building old-school networks over the years that have users looking for your service. You will also have your own customer base you can build out from. Find the right mix of networks for your business.  There are all sorts of networks that other sites have already built that can be tapped into. These networks are where you will draw your future customers out of. 

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