What you are looking at is a combined Social Media, Public Relations, and Email Marketing Campaign that resulted in lot’s of foot traffic and new eye’s on this business! You would be quite surprised where all these people came from, as I was, and I have been digital marketing for decades!- Pic from Grand Central Terminal, NYC.

“Find your first 1000 Fans, Identify your Brand Ambassadors and BUILD from there. BUILD, BUILD, BUILD! Always Keep Building!”

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I put this at the top of the list because this is where to start. You can lose a social media account at any time due to hackers or just from people who make false complaints about your business. You never lose your email list. Having a monthly email blast may be the most cost-effective and safest way to build a business.

Social Media

There’s a myriad of choices out there, so I just focus on the top priorities. I recommend LinkedIn profiles both for your business and for your own personal networking. I can help create and maintain your business Facebook page with a vanity URL to engage with your customers. Targeted local Facebook ads are an extremely affordable and effective short-term strategy.  I can even help create an Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest page if it makes sense for your business but be cautious about being in too many places. You really want to focus your efforts on just a few platforms that make sense for you.

Important Note: Your social media matters, but for most businesses, where you show up in search results (SEO) and the first impression someone gets when they visit your website (CRO) matters more.

Website Design 

I partner with the best and most affordable web design companies to help you create a professional looking website. We focus on a clean, mobile-friendly responsive design that looks great, is easy to navigate and search engine friendly. Our top website designers strive to make the process as painless as possible. Your custom website will be effective in attracting new customers and easy to maintain.

Ok, I am big on the premise that you must have a great web presence. Most web designers I have worked with will try to sell you proprietary software to run your website. I prefer open source so anyone can work on it, including myself. I do my own web design when needed and can help collaborate on bigger projects because I hate to get ripped off by designers.

Many business owners who lack a strong computer background have to trust their web design firm to treat them fairly and end up spending too much money on their website and getting too little for it. I work with your website design ideas and work to create the best custom website design for your money.

Website Hosting

Not only can I help design an effective and affordable website, but I use web hosting packages that have some of the lowest rates in town and I prefer companies based in the United States.

Better Search Results Start With A Better Website

Local Search Engine Optimization – Once you’ve completed your company’s web design, you need to make sure your customers will find your website ahead of your competition. Our Local SEO services will help improve your search engine rankings.

Custom Email Address – Stop advertising for Google, AOL or some other corporation. All the Emails you send and receive on a daily basis are an opportunity to brand your own business instead of theirs. Your Email address is an integral part of your company’s image. Put your best foot forward and promote yourself with a custom YourName@YourWebsite Email address.