Twitter August Marketing Calendar

Twitter has released their latest major events calendar, focusing on the key dates to be aware of in August.

Source: Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for August to Help with Strategic Planning | Social Media Today

Every Business needs a Marketing Calendar.

Enjoy this partial Marketing Calendar you may want to add to your notes. Your marketing calendar for August should already be done and you only have to implement the postings. If not, let’s get started!

Content for your Website and Blog First, Then Social Media

Produce content for your website or blog first and then push it out over twitter. You want to train people to come back to your website as often as possible. Don’t be inclined to just write up a few tweets and call it a day. This is like Junk Food to the internet and may cause followers to tune you out. Always build your brand on your website and promote on social media with some well thought out content.

#InternationalBeerDay #NationalDogDay

 Two great dates to promote around. If you sell Beer you should participate in #InternationalBeerDay or, my favorite, #NationalDogDay. Plan ahead to build up a few great tweets around these hashtags.

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