Yelp Stock Down


My Love-Hate Relationship with Yelp

For those of you who have followed my personal blog for years, you know of my Love-Hate relationship with Yelp. If you do not follow my personal blog – You can read more about that here:

I have been calling Yelp out for their business practices for quite a while. Now their stock is tanking because of, what they refer to as “Churn”. That is simply customers who are leaving their service because they are not getting their return on investment.

I have personally been at war with Yelp salespeople over the last 5 years because they cannot backup their sales numbers. I would not expect a business owner to know anything about website traffic stats but when I start representing a client I tend to put their salespeople on notice that this business I work with is no longer using any Yelp services now or in the future. Their sales calls can run up to 45 minutes long and are very savvy.

Best Yelp Advice

Don’t use them. They have a very bad habit of calling you every month and stating they are your “New” account manager and they just want to catch up with you on your marketing activities. It’s a great excuse to get in a new sales call every month. You also can’t trust thier traffic stats, there referral numbers never seem to match up with the referral traffic a website reports. Then again, the common business owner would not know that.

Hack-ability: Excellent! Leverage their free services to send more traffic to your website. Get their users onto your email marketing list that you control.


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