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Social Media Marketing Management

You can not forget about social media in your marketing strategy.

Almost half of online purchases are influenced by social media. All channels are different, but each can be very crucial to your success.

Master Social MediaReach your customers.100% Transparency.
Building a social strategy that includes the right content will get you noticed by more prospects than ever before.Each social channel is different. I will work with you to optimize your paid spend where your customers are to make sure we are reaching them at the right time and in the right place.You will receive reporting on KPIs, including spend, cost per lead, and more.

More Reach, More Customers, More Growth.

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My thoughts on each channel:

Facebook: The #1 social media platform for marketers. Ability to build targeted audiences makes Facebook the place to be.

Instagram: The new mall, users are going onto the app, clicking through stories filled with influencers pushing products.

LinkedIn: This is a costly platform, but can provide very qualified leads. Best utilized for companies that are focused on very specific demographics around job titles, industries, and professional groups.

Twitter: Best when you keep things simple. If you are looking to promote content over products, Twitter is a great space to do this.

YouTube: Great for brand awareness. Most likely won’t generate a ton of leads and clicks, but you a great touchpoint to get in front of your customers.

Tik Tok: Great for brand awareness, depending on the type of product or service you provide.