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6 Reasons Why The Home Page is Dead 💀

Why you need to start thinking about your website differently.

As more and more businesses fight for leads and customers, you need to start treating your website as a dynamic billboard instead of setting it and forgetting it.

So, why exactly is the home page dead (or at least dying)?

Reason #1: Less Traffic To The Home Page

Businesses spend so much time focusing on optimizing their content around SEO that the homepage is seeing a significant drop in traffic.

The traffic that does come to your home page is coming directly, from branded search or from a user typing in your URL into the search bar. This traffic is already brand aware. So, don’t muddy the waters with a 10,000 word homepage!

Make it simple and actionable.

Check out my homepage It’s simple & short.

Reason #2: Your Main Focus Is Conversions

There are approximately 3.8 million Google searches per minute.

When someone finds your website, they are most likely landing on a personalized landing page (or should be!) through organic and paid efforts.

These personalized landing pages are built for conversion optimization.

So, why aren’t you doing the same with your homepage?

Home pages are a great way to showcase your business and brand, AND drive conversions

I bet your homepage isn’t driving conversions today, is it?

Reason #3: Only Focused On A Broad Audience

Home pages have always been focused on an overall broad audience to showcase your business and brand to your prospects and customers.

Nowadays, your homepage should rather be focused on lead generation via personalization and dynamic ads.

Reason #4: No Longer Need A “Front Door”

Customers and prospects now gather their information about your business through many different vehicles. Compared to 10 years ago when the home page was “the front door” to your audience… the brand billboard for all to see, that is no longer the case. Users are landing on specific pieces of content BEFORE they have make it to your homepage.

Customers now make judgements on your business through reviews, quality of content, personalization, and professionalism of your website.

The homepage is still crucial, but is 1 part to a larger flywheel.

Rememeber…many prospects will never see your homepage.

97.1% of all impressions are on non-branded keywords.

Reason #5: Lack Of Personalization

Many companies build their home page to be a static, one-size fits all, page. That should not be the case any longer.

Build your homepage for lead optimization around your ideal customer profile. Personalize the experience around the habits of that user you want to convert.

Reason #6: Not The Focus Of Optimization

If your homepage isn’t built for conversion, there is something wrong.

Business have lost focus on optimizing of their home page. With the majority of time being spent on content creation, do not forget about that home page!

Your Main Focus Should Be Conversions

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