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What is Content-Based Networking?

Get started with content-based networking today.

James Carbary, author of Content-Based Networking: How To Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know and founder of the podcast B2B Growth, describes content-based networking as the focus on building genuine and meaningful relationships with your prospects through content generation. This content can include podcasts, webinars, blogs, and case studies.

How does content-based networking work?

Content-based networking can work for anyone, from a college student looking for a job to an account executive at a B2B company looking for the next big lead.

You can maximize content-based networking with the following three steps.

  1. Set a goal.

This is easier said than done.

Let’s stick with the B2B persona. As an account executive, my goal is simple: Get Customers.

To write a well thought out goal, make sure to utilize SMART goals.

My SMART goal as marketer would be: “Increase revenue by 10% in the next 6 months.”

2. Figure out who can get you to that goal.

Content-based networking is not about using people, it’s instead built upon developing genuine relationships. Think about the individuals that can get you to your goal and what value you can provide them. For instance, if you have a popular blog, maybe ask them to write/co-write a blog post or you could invite them onto a webinar where you can discuss happenings in the industry.

Don’t try to sell this individual on your product or service, but instead focus on creating a relationship and discussion that will provide value.

It will take a lot of trial and error, but your main focus will be to figure out the exact personas that provide results.

For this example, it could be Vice Presidents of Engineering at Software Companies with 500+ employees.

3. Create content with these people

If you can give these individuals a platform with the value you will in return get insightful content and further the wisdom of your audience.

How to use content-based networking with account-based marketing (ABM)?

Utilizing account-based marketing (ABM)? You can further enhance your strategy with content-based networking.

With ABM you can see accounts and individuals that are coming to your site and interacting with your content. If you take this information and do a little “sleuthing”, you can then reach out to these individuals that have shown interest in your product and begin to build that relationship.

Content-Based Netowrking

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